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Organic Shea Butter 100g.

$ 10.00

Organic shea butter is a natural product that helps your skin to moisturize and retain its moisture. It provides lasting hydration while keeping dry skin smooth and supple. Our Organic Shea Butter is only made of 100% Certified Organic Unrefined Shea Butter and unprocessed ingredients, including no insecticides or preservatives. It contains high natural anti-aging properties and excellent moisturizing effect on your hair, scalp, hands, face and body.

Revive Conditioner 250ml

$ 5.00

Revitalize your brittle and unmanageable hair with Revive Conditioner, a natural Vegan Formula designed to keep your hair healthy, smooth, and manageable. The rich, thick cream promotes shine; detangles hair without stripping color or texture; and helps maintain healthy, manageable curls.

Revive Shampoo 250ml

$ 5.00

Revive Shampoo is a natural shampoo of vegan formula suitable for all hair types. It contains no parabens or sulfates, leaving your hair soft, shiny and tangle-free. Its lightweight formula promotes strength and resilience while moisturizing to extend the life of your color.

Revive Shampoo Bundle

$ 8.00

• Revive Shampoo 250ml

• Revive Conditioner 250ml

Thermal Shield Heat Protectant

$ 7.00

Revive Thermal Shield not only protects your hair from heat but also provides nourishment and volume. It gives you the flexibility to style and protect. Use it on natural hair or wigs to protect them from heat damage and grease.